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React Native Shake 4 released

· One min read

It's been a while, but I can finally come back to this project. With this new version, we have:

  • Fully typed code with TypeScript.
  • Rewritten iOS module. It now works on both Debug and Release mode.
  • Shorter API. It's now just:
RNShake.addListener(() => {
// Your code...

Breaking changes

  • The lib now uses NativeEventEmitter because old bridge implementation is deprecated. Worry not, little will changes.
  • 4 methods under the hood:
    • addListener
    • removeListener
    • removeAllListeners
    • removeCurrentListener

and they all return EmitterSubscription, fully compatible with React Hooks.

I'm planning to expose a parameter to configure tension too. Stay tuned.

Feel free to try and give me the feedback:

npm install react-native-shake@4.0.2

You can find the repo here.